Dave grew up south of Seattle in a community that lies along the eastern shores of Puget Sound. While he was in high school his older brother taught him a few chords on guitar and Dave immediately began writing songs, few of which he’s willing to perform publically, and with good reason.

After withdrawing from college Dave joined the army. He met his wife while he was stationed at a U.S. army  base in Italy. After being discharged, Dave and his new family spent a brief amount of time in the Seattle area before relocating to New England in late 1980.

Dave is the author of a New England centric blog, The Leisurely Blogger, as a way to share information about the many people he’s known, places he’s visited, and experiences he’s had during the past three decades as an adopted New Englander, writing about whatever interests him but focusing primarily on road trips, restaurants, recipes, and music.

David and his first and second wife, Elisa Benincaso (a wife so nice, he married her twice) have two grown sons, two fabulous daughters-in-law, and one totally adorable granddaughter.