Style Evolution

I’ve been walking recently, more for exercise than anything else, but taking the time to go out and put one foot in front of the other has given me time to do some thinking. I’ve noticed that this seems to be the year of fluorescent footwear, often paired with a matching shirt. Frankly, it hurts my eyes. I lean more towards earth tones. And I was feeling pretty good about myself … no slave to fashion am I.

But today I’ve revamped this website, which uses WordPress as its base. WordPress is more than just a blogging platform; it’s a really great full-fledged content management system. There are thousands of themes out there to provide customization. This site, and all the others I’ve created, were built on a theme called Weaver. But in 2017, my Weaver built themes are looking a little out of sync with what has become the norm for website style. Frankly, they look old-fashioned. But no slave to fashion am I.

Or am I?

Most WordPress themes, including Weaver, are third-party creations. Some are free and some are not, and some have limited feature free versions. But WordPress does regularly create and release themes that reflect the current design paradigms of the day. And as a way to make this site more fashionable, I’ve chosen to use the theme 2017, the current example of WordPress’s take on web design.

The change was immediate and significant. Kind of like stripping off my earth-tone shoes and sliding into a pair of spotless fluorescent ones. Except for one thing. This website is still understated and tasteful, despite being more in fashion. Change for the sake of remaining current, with no consideration forĀ aesthetics … that would be like putting on a pair of fluorescent shoes, just because they’re in style.